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Best European practices in promoting cycling and walking (Hardbound Book)
Authors:Kalle Vaismaa, Jorma Mäntynen, Pasi Metsäpuro, Terhi Luukkonen, Tuuli Rantala, Kaisa Karhula 
Location:Print Tietotalo, Tampere 
Publisher:Transport Research Centre Verne, Tampere University of Technology 

72.00 €

Planning city traffic is a growing global challenge since the growth in traffic volumes causes many problems to the environment and traffic system. Extensive changes need to be done in the following years. Walking, cycling and public transport have to be favoured in the transport system instead of cars. Some European countries are forerunners in promoting cycling and walking. Planners and decision makers from all around the world travel to Europe to study the best examples. This book presents the best practices of 10 European cities in promoting cycling and walking. Visuality has been highlighted, which is why the best practices have been illustrated with hundreds of color pictures.